How it works?

The world of revision can be difficult to navigate for students and parents alike. Tailored Revision work alongside your school to select study resources in line with the exam boards you are sitting. Once you have used the website to select your subjects, we will post to you a comprehensive selection of revision guides, workbooks and helpful resources such as weblinks to past papers.
It’s as simple as 3 easy steps.

  1. Select your school from the dropdown menu of our partner institutions
  2. Choose the subjects you need to revise
  3. Order your personalised revision pack with one click

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Revision provides a unique service, in collaboration with top publishers, to assemble all the essential revision materials in preparation for your exams. Therefore, during this busy time, we aim to alleviate stress by reducing time wasted endlessly scrolling through over-complicated websites. We want to help you to maximise revision time by providing you with everything you’ll need in one delivery

What exactly is in our tailored packs?

We work with your school’s teachers to ensure that the highest quality revision materials are included in each student’s pack. We source our materials from a range of leading publishers and exam boards. All the resources we provide are chosen in conjunction with your school and have come highly recommended by former students. Based on the number of subjects you choose, you’ll be provided with a range of suitable study guides and additional helpful resources such as weblinks to past papers.