The key to Tailored Revision is our relationship with the school. Our aim is to make the process as easy, cost effective and helpful as possible whilst providing students with the best available resources on the market.

Although we recommend resources, we are happy to discuss specific requests from the school, if there is a particular resource a teacher would like, we can easily add it to the pack.


Tailored Revision allows teachers to get on with what they do best, teach. By using Tailored Revision, you no longer have to spend time sourcing revision guides, handling money, printing exam papers and all of those mundane tasks that come with the revision period.


There are a vast quantities of revision materials out there; this makes it difficult to know what students should be using. The team at Tailored Revision have a background in teaching and publishing which provides us with an overview of what materials students should be using. If a teacher has a preference on resources they would like the students to use, we'd be happy to include it.


Many schools have said how helpful they find it not to have to handle money and sell on revision guides. Often students forget their money, incorrect quantities have been ordered and need to be returned and timing the whole process can be difficult. Using Tailored Revision means that this problematic process is no longer an issue.

If you would like to enlist as one of our registered schools, or learn more about Tailored Revision, please contact us using the details below:


Phone: 01865 862266

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